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Preforms, Bottles & Closures

Harwal Container Manufacturing has been providing complete PET packaging solutions for the bottling industry. Since its inception in 2006, HCM has been manufacturing PET preforms, PET bottles and HDPE closures, and is a leading manufacturer in the UAE.


PET Preforms

Using state of the art machines and market leading injection molding systems, Interplast’s subsidiary HCM (Harwal Container Manufacturing) manufactures preforms that are unparalleled in quality and performance, while ensuring aseptic long shelf-life. With our extensive range of preforms, we cater to the Mineral Water, Juice, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Dairy Products, Edible Oil, Detergents, Sanitary and Personal Care industries.


PET Bottles

HCM is the regions leading manufacturer of PET bottles, with blowing capabilities up to 5L. Available for different applications and various neck diameters, we currently supply a range of existing bottle designs. Additionally, we provide custom molding solutions to supply your uniquely designed bottles.


HDPE Closures

We offer a comprehensive range of light weighted single piece closures suitable for various bottling industries such as, Water, CSD, Juices and Dairies. Our HDPE Closures could be custom engraved or printed up to 3 colors.

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