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Packaging Films

Interplast manufactures Polyethylene Shrink Films and FFS Films that are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications. These films are highly compatible with shrink wrapping equipment, providing durable and aesthetically pleasing packaging.


Polyethylene Rolls

Interplast manufactures high-grade, robust PE Rolls for the Agriculture, Construction and Furniture industries. These sheets could be used for a variety of applications, including sheets for covering yards of mulch for Agricultural purposes and vapor retarders, window films, roofing, flooring and countertop protection in the Construction industry. Having durable properties, our sheets are ideal for conserving soil and are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

  • Thickness 30 microns to 200 microns

  • Ultraviolet stabilized material


FFS Packaging Rolls

A range of FFS Packaging Rolls available in a variety of widths that are compatible with almost all FFS packaging machines. Our rolls maintain high-tensile strength and tear resistant properties, making them suitable for heavy content such as fertilizer, chemicals, tile glue, spray plaster compounds and other substances related to construction. These rolls abide to stringent eco-friendly standards.

  • Thickness 60 to 120 microns

  • 3 layers and 5 layers co-extruded film

  • Bi-color co-extruded film

shrink film plain.jpg

Polyethylene Shrink Film Plain

Shrink Films that are compatible with almost all shrink wrapping technologies. These films are ideal solutions for packed Beverages & Dairy, promotional items, pharmaceuticals, and the paper converting industry.

  • Co-extruded up to 5 Layers

  • Thickness range 35 to 120 microns

  • Maximum shrinkage clarity and gloss

  • High-tensile strength and tear resistant

Pack of water bottles.jpg

Polyethylene Shrink Film Printed

Our Polyethylene Shrink Films conform to complex shapes, providing wrinkle free packaging. These films provide durability, which enables safe handling of the product while maintaining a glossy finish. At Interplast, we provide quality printing options of up to 10 colors to help enhance your product’s appeal.

  • Co-extruded up to 5 layers

  • Thickness range 35 to 120 microns

  • High clarity and gloss

  • Exceptional collation shrinkage

  • High-tensile strength and tear resistant

  • Printing up to 10 colors

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