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Interplast food and dairy containers are manufactured from high quality plastic and suitable for all packaging applications. The range consists of different sizes that can be manufactured in various colors. Our containers are ideal for packing beverages and dairy items such as juices, creams and yogurt with prolonged shelf life. The containers are printable with custom made designs of up to 10 colors. Lids are also available for this range.


FFS Sheets

Our range of FFS Sheets consist of PET, PS and PP materials that come in a variety of widths, thicknesses and colors. Our sheets are fully compatible with FFS systems and are ideal for packing beverages and dairy items such as yogurt, creams and juices, with a prolonged shelf life. With our advanced machinery, we can serve your requirements to make sure you achieve your desired product.

  • PET: 0.35mm to 1.20mm thickness and 240mm to 500mm width

  • PP: 0.50mm to 1.20mm thickness and 300mm to 680mm width

  • PS: 0.40mm to 1.50mm thickness and 300mm to 680mm width


Fill & Seal Water Cups

Our thermoformed mineral water cups are manufactured from PP and PET raw materials, making them ideal for a smooth fill & seal process for bottlers.

  • Cup rim 73mm and 75mm

  • Materials include PET, PP & PS depending on shape and volume 


Printed Cups & Containers

Our high-grade PP and PS materials ensure your products are safely preserved and stored. They are manufactured with high efficiency and minimal waste. Our cups and containers are compatible with automatic and manual filling machines. We also provide up to 6 colors of direct surface printing, or up to 10 colors for shrink sleeves. Snap-on and normal lids, printable up to 4 colors are also available in the range.

  • Cup rim diameter ranging from 70.5mm to 116.5mm

  • Up to six colours dry offset direct printing on cups

  • Available in rectangular and square shapes

  • Materials include PS, PP & PET depending on shape and volume

  • Dry Offset Printing

  • Sleeving


Cavity Trays

Our cavity trays deliver an optimal solution to effectively preserve and store your products. Our advanced equipment delivers cavities with consistent wall thicknesses and accurate cavity dimensions, giving the product rigidity for safe transportation and stacking.

  • Materials include PS, PP & PET

Cherry Tomato Punnet (Yellow).jpg


Thermoforming remains to be a core quality throughout Interplast’s extensive history. Our range of thermoformed Punnets come in a variety of colors and materials, including PS and PET. Depending on the type of produce, some punnets include ventilation holes. Optional ventilation holes of the tray allows for more rapid pre-cooling of produce which in turn slows down the ripening process of the fruit/vegetable, ensuring a longer shelf life.

  • Materials include PET & PS

  • Labeling


Egg Trays

Our egg trays are designed to provide protection against shattering during transportation and customer handling. These trays have been carefully engineered with shock-resistant nests and internal support columns. Interplast’s Egg Tray range not only provides protection for eggs yet helps with stackability in the display and communicates information about the product by costumized multi-color sticker labels

  • PET material

  • For 12 (6x2), 15 and 30 eggs

  • Labeling

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